only 3 steps for getting incomes

creating a club


link a community of your discord


publish your NFT

you can share your club link to socail media after the 3 steps and get ETH payment now!

automatic discord community management

  • add member role when user verified their NFT holder account
  • remove member Role when user sold out their NFT passcard
  • automatic update of community statistics
  • NFT membership card transaction information is automatically posted to the #Notification channel
  • purchase guidance for members who are not yet NFT holders

other features

  • one click to issue community NFT with optional NFT style
  • custom royalties, you can set a royalty (between 5% and 10%) and receive a corresponding percentage of the royalty in subsequent NFT transactions.
  • community homepage and NFT mint page

comming soon features

  • analytics system
  • member only blog system
  • member only podcast system
no fees for administrators, participating mint users will pay an additional 12% as Tinyclub's service rate, no risk, 0 cost to start earning revenue
Easy-to-use NFT community management system